Imagine, if you will, that you have entered a library. Imagine further that a librarian approaches and, upon meeting you, asks, “Would you like to play Rock Band?” Would you think that this librarian was A) the greatest librarian in the history of librarians or B) wasting taxpayer money? If you chose B, you appear to agree with Omaha, Nebraska’s Action 3 News, which recently filed a report about a group of local librarians using state funds to purchase Rock Band for its gaming workshops. Worse still, the librarians even had the audacity to film themselves assembling and playing the game — during work hours — and then uploaded the results to YouTube.

Indeed, the offense was so egregious that Nebraska State Auditor Mike Foley launched an investigation into the matter, the results of which will be looked over by a group appointed by Governor Dave Heineman. To think that a library would purchase video games in order to attract more young people — something many libraries are starting to do — and then promote it via YouTube, where plenty of young people are likely to see it, boggles the mind. It’s practically unconscionable.

Check out the incriminating YouTube video after the break (which also includes a little DDR action).

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