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Dungeon Fighter Live punches up XBLA on July 13

Early last year, we heard that Nexon was bringing its immensely popular free-to-play beat-em-up, Dungeon Fighter Online, to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, but the wait’s been long and quiet since then.

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The Emotions Free-to-Play Games Prey on to Get Players to Pay [Free-To-Play]

“In a freemium game it’s not a rational decision to pay; it’s an emotional one.” Wednesday at the East Coast Games Conference in North Carolina, former BioWare design manager Ethan Levy explained how free-to-play games can harness to emotions of their players in order to profit. More »

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The Battle For Humanity’s Future Begins In Battlestar Galactica Online [Free-To-Play]

Sound the klaxons! Battlestar Galactica Online has just warped out of closed beta and into open beta, allowing players all over the world to dive head-first into free-to-play, browser-based battles set in the universe of the hit Syfy television show. More »

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Unauthorized Sierra adventure games portal ceases upon Activision order, “the portal that once stood for reliving classic Sierra On-Line adventure games” (for free), has been shut down following a cease-and-desist order issued by IP owner Activision. The site’s creator, Mr. Kool (real name!), has posted the letter from Activision’s legal counsel on the Sarien homepage

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Adult Swim’s latest Flash game climbs the corporate ladder

Continuing its tradition of putting out quality, humorous browser-based games, Adult Swim recently launched its latest pixelated onus: Corporate Climber . The game’s a simple platformer where the player ascends through the ranks of a major, criminally unsafe business by literally ascending through said business’ corporate headquarters

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Casual games competition site to offer college scholarships

Unlike other competitions that might, say, award efforts to design games for the greater good , hopes to attract teens who simply excel at beating their peers in video games.

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A “massive” redesign of will launch tomorrow, Major Nelson has announced. Beginning at 5PM ET on October 20, and the Xbox Forums will go offline for “a short period of time” to integrate the update.

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Star Trek: Infinite Space explores browser-based gaming in 2011

Star Trek: Infinite Space is a free-to-play, casual browser-based game launching in the summer of 2011. Published by Gameforge (don’t worry, you’ve likely never heard of ‘em) and developed by Keen ( What’s Cooking? With Jamie Oliver , Anno on Wii and DS), it’s set during the Deep Space Nine timeline

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Browse these new details and screens from Battlestar Galactica Online

Our MMO-centric sister site Massively received a whole mess of gameplay details and screenshots from Bigpoint’s promising browser-based MMO, Battlestar Galactica Online . Players will be able to choose between the Human and Cylon factions, will be able to create their own out-of-ship avatars, and will progress through individual quests and story-based missions exclusive to their own factions.

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Coma: A playable essay on things that are pretty

Though a game simply titled Coma likely doesn’t sound like the most engaging ludological venture, you must take a few minutes to check out Thomas Brush’s beautiful little browser-based platformer. It’s short and sweet, featuring hand-drawn graphics, a lovely soundtrack and a plotline that’s absolutely pregnant with artistic ambiguity. Though that last sentence was also pregnant with pretentiousness, Coma is not.

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