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Wii U basic and premium SKUs coming to Japan on December 8

Nintendo has just revealed the Wii U console will cost in Japan ¥31,500 for a black 32GB Premium set, and ¥26,250 for the white 8GB Basic set. It will be available there December 8. Now, don’t go getting out your calculators to do the conversion if you live overseas just yet

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Microsoft local currency pricing on Xbox Marketplace items an ‘error’

Microsoft states local currency options on the Xbox Marketplace that showed up yesterday were a “display error.” SaveandQuitGaming caught the real money options early in the day, which also appeared on the European marketplace as well. “Today, a few Avatar items appeared with an option to purchase with local currency, instead of Microsoft Points,” a company spokesperson told Joystiq. “This display error doesn’t signal a change in payment options, but rather an error in how the offers were configured in our services which resulted in an inconsistent experience.

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Civilization 5 will convert Civ 4 maps automatically

Jon Shafer, a.k.a. “Trip,” is a veteran Civilization modder and mapmaker — he’s made his name in the Civ community by posting his own mods and strategy guides on the forums for years. And oh yeah, he’s also the lead designer of Civ V , which is probably one reason why user-created mods and maps will play such a big part in the official game

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Sony America scraps UMD-to-PSP Go conversion plans

Sony director of hardware marketing John Koller mentioned shortly after the E3 “reveal” of the PSP Go that the company was considering a “good will program,” which would allow UMD owners to trade in their physical games for digital versions. However, yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, an SCEA spokesperson told Kotaku , “We were evaluating a UMD conversion program, but due to legal and technical reasons we will not be offering the program at this time.” That’s quite a blow to the base of American PSP owners with large libraries of UMD titles looking to upgrade to a PSP Go — a blow significantly worsened by the European “PSP Go Rewards” initiative, which grants three free games to PSP Go purchasers who register for the promotion using an older PSP model.

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Unreal Conversion Killing Floor Gets Retail Redux [Game Announce]

Tripwire Interactive today announces Killing Floor , a co-op first-person survival horror shooter for the PC based on an Unreal Tournament 2004 conversion. A mad scientists specimens have broken loose and gone on a rampage through London, and it’s up to you and up to five of your friends to take on hordes of mutant enemies in order to…kill hordes of mutant enemies

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