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PSA: PSN scheduled downtime hits Europe on Thursday

PlayStation Network is scheduled for a bit of summer cleaning in Europe this week, and will be offline from Thursday, July 26 at 4 p.m. to Friday, July 27 at 8 p.m

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Ubi’s server migration closeouts extend beyond previously announced titles

Ubisoft is in the middle of transferring all of its data from one server farm to another, and while we knew the process would render some games unplayable , it seems the migration has affected a wider swath of Ubisoft’s catalogue than previously anticipated. Players are reporting issues with the PC version of Driver: San Francisco and with Anno 2070 , according to a report by Eurogamer . Ubisoft, in addition to apologizing on its Twitter feed, is also working to correct the problem and has already found a preliminary solution for Anno 2070 players unable to get online

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PlayStation Network Undergoing A Bit Of Maintenence [Playstation Network]

The PlayStation Network has been giving readers a bit of trouble today, so we dropped a line to Sony to get the down low on the down time, most of which should be behind us.

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Xbox Live’s Return Brings Xbox Live Issues [Microsoft]

Xbox Live has just successfully completed an entire day of downtime.

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