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The Ville is latest from Zynga, spiritual successor to YoVille

Zynga’s newest addition to the ‘ville’ family is The Ville . The company describes it as the “culmination of years of experience developing social games while delivering on innovation” in FarmVille , FrontierVille , CityVille , CastleVille , and YoVille .

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The DTOID Show: E3 2012 hopes, dreams, and predictions

Hey gang, the studio’s closed today for Memorial Day, so we had to shoot an episode in advance. Since E3 is only one week away, as of today, we figured it was worth giving our predictions about what we might be seeing this year.

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Let the Perfect Strangers gang help you achieve your dreams

You could either work hard and make sacrifices as you try to achieve your dreams … or you could let Balki Bartokomous guide you on a brilliant, literal translation of the Perfect Strangers theme song .

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Inafune: Play as ‘the Mega Man of your dreams’ in Mega Man Universe

During a Comic-Con panel, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune offered a scant few details about Mega Man Universe , the Mega Man crossover game (or something) teased by an amazing stop-motion trailer, which you can see again after the break — it’s wonderful! “We wanted to preserve as much as we can of the classic 8-bit Mega Man feel, while allowing players to project their own Mega Man onto the game,” Inafune said. So it’ll have an 8-bit look like Mega Man 9 . “We wanted to create a platform where players can play as their favorite version of Mega Man, another Capcom character — or maybe a different character completely,” he added.

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Study explores link between gamers and lucid dreams

So, you know that recurring dream you’ve been having for the past three weeks?

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