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Another Battlefield Play4Free studio GM leaves EA

Oskar Burman, general manager of Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield Heroes developer Easy Studios, has departed from Easy and its parent EA. He’s the second GM to leave the position, after Ben Cousins, who left to join ngmoco’s Sweden-based studio

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Battlefield Play4Free dev details Training Point customization

Colin Clarke, a game designer from EA’s Easy who’s currently working on the Battlefield Play4Free microtransaction-based shooter, has posted some information on the official blog about how the game’s class customization system will work . Rather than just choosing to play as a Recon, Medic, Assault or Engineer character, each player will get to fill out two different ability trees: one powering up “Equipment Expertise” (which allows your equipment to be stronger and more versatile) and one working with “Combat Expertise” (which adds versatility regardless of equipment)

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