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Here is the first half hour of Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition

After being thoroughly disappointed with the linear, stilted, practically on-rails “Leon” demo of Resident Evil 6 at E3 , it’s nice to see horror game that give the player some amount on control in its first ten minutes, while remaining focused on atmosphere and a sense of vulnerability. Powerlessness and horror can work great together, but if you’re full able to defend yourself in a game, but just aren’t able to do anything but walk behind a random stranger for ten minutes, you’re not going to be scared. You’re going to be annoyed.  That’s why I’m really hoping that Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition  makes its way to the USA

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Report: Nintendo now co-owns the Fatal Frame IP

Don’t hold out for Fatal Frame to return to it’s original Playstation home: Rely On Horror is reporting that Nintendo recently updated it’s copyright status and now officially co-owns the Fatal Frame IP (also known as  Zero in Japan). It also has full ownership of the ill-fated spinoff, Spirit Camera . This shouldn’t come as a surprise to series fans, as Nintendo has been deeply linked with the series for quite some time.

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Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition softly spooks your face

In this “overview” trailer for the upcoming Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition , we get a solid look at the game’s unsettlingly close sibling protagonists, and how the game’s new features (behind the back camera, flashlight-focused exploration, and enhanced combat controls) change things up. It all comes together for more freaky time than I bargined for

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Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir review: Behind you!

There’s a very special, very terrified place in my heart for the Fatal Frame series. While Silent Hill encourages (and occasionally forces) me to run away from its horrors, Fatal Frame has always required me to not only face my fears, but to do so for as long as my nerves can take it.

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Video: Fatal Frame Spinoff Turns 3DS Into Ghost Detector

Nintendo has released a live-action short horror film to promote the release of Spirit Camera: A Cursed Memoir , an augmented reality Fatal Frame spin-off for Nintendo 3DS. It released the game in Japan earlier this year and will release it here in the United States on April 13. In Spirit Camera: A Cursed Memoir , players use the Nintendo 3DS cameras and an augmented reality booklet called the “Purple Diary” included with the game to detect ghosts hiding in their real world surroundings

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Is it time to get hype for the Fatal Frame 2 remake?

I’m hyped for the game, but should I be? There has been so little in the way of build up for the upcoming Fatal Frame 2 remake that its hard to be sure what to be hyped for.

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