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Judge Dredd kicks some undead arse on iOS

Most of the time when I see police officers, they are asking gangs of youths to go somewhere else, or looking at me suspiciously because a man with a beard must have something to hide.

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LittleBigPlanet Goes Mad For Judge Dredd, 2000AD [PS3]

Now this, Media Molecule , this is more like it. Taking a break from promoting national holidays and PS3 games with their LittleBigPlanet content, MM will soon be releasing Sackboys based on 2000AD comics. This was teased over the weekend with a Judge Dredd movie poster, but in the intervening days images of several other characters from the British sci-fi universe (which, for the record, is now owned by Aliens vs Predator developers Rebellion) have been released

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Sackboy is the Law [Littlebigplanet]

No, that’s not fan art. Media Molecule ‘s announced that stickers and costumes for Judge Dredd – and others from the 2000 AD comic universe – will arrive May 28.

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