Jurassic Park: The Game promo Jeep deal causes dino-sized kerfuffle on Reddit

Yesterday, we received a flood of tips from Redditors and other folks urging us to report on a post at the community site, titled , “I let TellTale borrow my Jurassic Park Jeep and all I got was this lousy Dino-Damage.” Written by Jurassic Park-themed Jeep Wrangler owner Kevin “Boomerjinks” Henry of the Jurassic Jeep group, he recounts the events that transpired upon arranging a deal with Telltale Games to use his vehicle for promotion at this past September’s PAX, where the studio was showing attendees its upcoming Jurassic Park game. Henry alleges that a variety of communication issues transpired prior to shipment of the Jeep from his location in Colorado to the convention in Washington, and that upon arrival, the vehicle itself had been damaged (scuffs and chips, mostly). Though he says he was assured that he’d be compensated for the damages, the company apparently went dark on him after several exchanges in the weeks following PAX

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