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The Most Terrifying Video Game Focus-Testing Imaginable [Video]

Given how they can often result in fence-sitting games that specialise in AAA blandness, gamers are right to be wary of focus testing groups.

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Dance Central 2′s July DLC Never Says Never

The first Dance Central 2 DLC track for the month of July dropped yesterday: Selena Gomez & The Scene’s “Round and Round.” This upbeat number is available for download right now for 240 MS Points ($3) either through Dance Central 2 ‘s in-game store, or directly through Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Why the Hell is Justin Bieber Giving a Shout-Out to 2K Sports? [2K Sports]

From the Beeb’s official Twitter: “shoutout to @Ronnie2K – everyone follow him. good people. thanks for the good time

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Portal Song Slowed Down 800%, Bieber-Style [Music]

We now know how to make a Justin Bieber song sound good: slow it down 800% . But what happens when Portal’s Still Alive, that great video game song from Jonathan Coulton, gets the same treatment? Listen

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Justin Bieber advertising Kinect on tour

The war for dominance over the motion-controlled gaming market escalated significantly earlier this week, when Microsoft’s Kinect gained an endorsement from one of the world’s foremost cultural leaders: Teen sensation Justin Bieber. Click past the jump to see the intro video to one of Bieber’s recent performances: A clip which shows Bieber and company trying out Dance Central and Kinect Adventures , unlocking a few lucrative (albeit fake) Achivements along the way.

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I was wrong: Justin Bieber = Kinect selling millions

The other day, I said Kinect appeals to nobody . I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect the glorified EyeToy to sell all that well.

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