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Majesco stock closes day at under $1

Majesco closed the trading day at $0.75/share, down 29 percent from yesterday. The publisher now has 30 days to bring its stock price above a dollar before it receives a delisting notice from the NASDAQ stock exchange. Stocks valued at under a dollar are against the NASDAQ rules

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NBA Baller Beats sold 3,000 copies in debut month

NBA Baller Beats , the Kinect-based basketball rhythm game, sold a mere 3,000 copies in the US during its debut month of September, sales tracking service NPD told Joystiq. An odd outcome for a game that had a controversially high number of Twitter followers and YouTube views.

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Halifax-Based NBA Baller Beats Studio Shuts Down After Five Years [UPDATE] [NBA Baller Beats]

The Halifax division of HB Studios, the Canadian group of developers behind numerous sports video games, is closing, an HB rep confirmed to Kotaku today.

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These are the beats to which you’ll play NBA Baller Beats

Are you ready to bounce a ball to the beat of Justice? That’s just the Frenchest of the many artists added to the NBA Baller Beats soundtrack as of today.

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NBA Baller Beats will work on carpet, comes with its own basketball

Yes, Majesco has considered the fate of living rooms when faced with the threat of NBA Baller Beats , the Kinect game that asks players to dribble a real basketball in time to licensed music. “In NBA Baller Beats , dribbling is and should be contained very close to the body,” Majesco’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christina Glorioso, told Joystiq in an email interview

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NBA Baller Beats: Make Space to Jam in your living room

You’re gonna need all of Majesco’s Mamas to help clean up after destroying your living room with the publisher’s latest Kinect game, NBA Baller Beats . What in the world is NBA Baller Beats , pray tell

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