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Fez patch pulled by Microsoft

A recent patch for Fez that fixed exploits but also corrupted save files was pulled from Xbox Live by Microsoft, according to an update on developer Polytron’s blog . The issues caused by the title update could potentially be resolved by clearing the Xbox 360 cache, though now new players shouldn’t be affected.

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Fez sales shift 100,000 copies across XBLA

Phil Fish (and co.’s) passionate labor has paid off with Fez having reached 100,000 sales on Xbox Live Arcade. Fish made the announcement this morning on the Polytron site

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How the community solved Fez’s hardest puzzle

Fez players be forewarned, the following contains spoilers. Stay far, far away if you want to uncover all of Fez ‘s secrets for yourself

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Metareview: Fez

Fez is already on track to be this year’s indie darling among critics, like Braid , Limbo or Super Meat Boy before it. Heck, it received awards before it ever launched.

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Phil Fish’s next game won’t be on XBLA, might be Kickstarter’d

Fez may just now be undergoing the certification process at Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean designer Phil Fish is resting on his laurels. Quite the contrary, in fact; Fish’s next project is already in its formative stages, and he’s so anxious to begin work that he may use Kickstarter to fund it. Whatever that project might be, however, it won’t be an XBLA game.

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Polytron working on Kinect project, Microsoft ‘interested’

With Fez wrapped up and heading to Xbox Live Arcade, Polytron Corporation head Phil Fish is already discussing the studio’s next project.

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Fez: The first two and a half minutes

At a time when many are wearing Santa hats, Polytron Corporation would like us to pause a moment (two and a half minutes, actually) to consider the fez. Actually: Fez , proper noun. The developer has released a video of the opening to its anticipated indie game as a holiday surprise

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Fez shows off gameplay, still in development

Hey, remember Fez , the little mind- and dimension-twisting indie platformer that was due out in 2009 2010 sometime in the future? Apparently that’s still true — developer Phil Fish has shared a brand new gameplay video on Twitter today, and you can watch it right after the break

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