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New Nintendo eShop releases: Puddle, Ikachan

The 3DS eShop is crowded today! Ikachan launches today, as does the Virtual Console release of Ice Climber and a bunch of other things. There are even new downloadable Mario decoration sets for Sparkle Snapshots 3D , if you’re feeling like a bit of photo festooning. And don’t forget Fire Emblem: Awakening, coming Feb

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Review: Puddle

The story of Puddle is a tale of triumph. A group of students had the opportunity to have their game published by Konami after winning a 2010 GDC Independent Games Festival award — pretty much every young developer’s dream. When it was actually released however, they were introduced to the real world — the polarizing world of the games press — when it received mixed reception for the sometimes frustrating level design.

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Puddle spills over onto Wii U

Neko Entertainment has announced plans to port its PS3/Xbox 360/Vita puzzle action game Puddle to Wii U. The Wii U version features the HD graphics and 60 frames-per-second visuals of the console versions, with the tilt controls of the Vita version

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Portabliss: Puddle (Vita)

This is Portabliss , a column about downloadable games that can be played on the go.

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PS Store Update: Foosball 2012, Puddle, Wizorb, more

Another week, another PlayStation Store update that doesn’t add Zen Pinball 2 . Sony, I want to pick up my Vita again.

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Puddle oozes onto PS Vita next week

Puddle has been available on the PS3 since January , but next week PS Vita owners will be able to download the perplexing puzzle-platformer on their handhelds. Developer Neko Entertainment added some extra spice to the PS Vita version of Puddle , including an option to skip the tougher levels (you pansy!) and interact with menus using touch. Plus, there are now options for different control schemes such as tilt, rear touch-pad, L and R triggers or simply using the left stick

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PSN Tuesday: Twisted Metal demo, Puddle, Madden

This week on PSN, you can try out the latest entry in the Clown Car Combat genre, with the Twisted Metal multiplayer demo, or Corporate Combat in Syndicate . Or … not really combat with Puddle

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