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It’s time for a new history in video games

Welcome to Invisible Walls , a column hell-bent on asking questions about video game design from the gamer’s perspective. Stay with me here: If an extraterrestrial being landed on earth and attempted to learn about the history of our world based on video games, things could go awry

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Escape Plan visits the Underground in new DLC

Vita puzzle platformer Escape Plan will get some new DLC this week. Entitled “Underground,” the DLC adds 21 new levels and a pair of costumes for Lil and Laarg, namely the “Tourist” and “Furry” costumes, which are unlocked after completing the DLC

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De Blob 2 surfaces on February 22

THQ has quietly revealed a release date for De Blob 2 (now minus “The Underground”), the multiplatform sequel to the Wii splatformer: February 22, 2011. The date was revealed on the newly launched website , along with the box art for each version, which also reveals Move compatibility for the PS3 version.

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de Blob 2: The Underground rolls out on PS3, 360, Wii and DS in Spring 2011

As THQ CEO Brian Farrell indicated in February, de Blob ‘s amorphous antics will be spreading to multiple platforms in de upcoming sequel, de Blob 2: the Underground . THQ has announced that de game will launch in Spring 2011 on de Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and DS .

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Underground Railroad Video Game Tells The Whole Story [History]

After ages of misrepresentation in books, films, and television, Norfolk University history professor Cassandra Newby-Alexander wants to tell the true story of the slave-liberating Underground Railroad using a video game. ” The underground Railroad was a much more complex issue that it’s been made out

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