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Remembering the Pre-DLC Days, When Free Unlockable Content Flowed Like Wine [Speak Up On Kotaku]

Back in the day we’d spend countless hours unlocking every hidden character, special costume, or magical weapon in our video games.

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Devil May Cry reboot, in trailer and screenshot form

Announced just moments ago at Capcom’s pre-TGS press conference, here’s just about everything we know about Ninja Theory’s “reboot” of Devil May Cry : a trailer. Found after the break, this trailer (and the accompanying screens and artwork) share a new look for Dante, and a new direction for the franchise. Let’s make this scientific, though.

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Older Ratchet Games Unlock Bonuses In New One [Unlockables]

One perk that an old Ratchet game unlocks in the forthcoming Ratchet sequel is useful. The other perk, is not

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Intel Gives The World Two Far Cry Missions [Far Cry 2]

Intel have sponsored two bonus missions for Far Cry 2 on the PC as part of it’s Game On promotion. The Moroccan takes you to an abandoned Foreign Legion fort in Leboa-Sako territory, where you may find an old man with information on The Jackal (presumably not crucial information, or he would be in the main game… but, hey) while The American sees you tracking your predecessor to a Dogon village in the hope of finding an informant

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