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Highlights from EA’s lawsuit against Zynga

Earlier today, EA announced it had filed a lawsuit against Zynga over The Ville for what it deemed a “clear violation” of copyright laws. Having reviewed the court documents, here are some of the highlights from EA’s claims: “As The Sims Social increased in popularity and visibility, Zynga turned to its well- known competitive playbook: ” Steal someone else’s game. Change its name ,”1 then cross- promote the Zynga clone to its extensive user base.” “Zynga’s The Ville , released on June 26, 2012, is an unmistakable copy of EA’s The Sims Social

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EA sues Zynga over ‘The ‘Ville’

EA has filed a lawsuit against Zynga over The Ville, alleging that the social games giants’ title is “in clear violation” of copyright laws. “The legal reasons are solid. But for creative teams who feel that their hard work and imaginations have been ripped off, there’s obviously an emotional element too,” wrote Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw

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The Ville is latest from Zynga, spiritual successor to YoVille

Zynga’s newest addition to the ‘ville’ family is The Ville . The company describes it as the “culmination of years of experience developing social games while delivering on innovation” in FarmVille , FrontierVille , CityVille , CastleVille , and YoVille .

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Facebook game Blingville gets cease and desist from Zynga

There’s an immense power struggle happening right now, in the deep, deep folds of the social gaming universe — a struggle over ownership of an extremely lucrative word fragment. Zynga recently sent a cease and desist letter to Blingville LLC, the creators of an upcoming Facebook game that shares the name of their company

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